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Holmium Oxide Powder Ho2O3 Powder

Holmium Oxide Powder Ho2O3 Powder

Holmium Oxide Powder Ho2O3 Powder


Holmium Oxide Powder Features:

ITEM NO Appearance Particle size Purity molecular weight density melting point boiling point atomic radius covalent radius
Ho2O3-P1 Light yellow 5um 99.95% 377.86 8.54 g/cm3 1470 2720 2.47 angstroms 1.58

Holmium Oxide Powder Application:
1. Used as metal halide additives, material used in holmium lamp is holmium iodide, in arc zone can be obtained with high concentration of metal atoms, which greatly improves the radiation efficiency.
2. Can be used as additive of holmium yttrium iron or yttrium aluminum garnet;
3. Holmium: yttrium aluminum garnet ( Ho:YAG ) can transmit 2 m laser, human tissue for 2 m laser absorption rate is high, almost 3 orders of magnitude higher than Hd:YAG. So with the Ho:YAG laser for medical operation, not only can improve the operation efficiency and accuracy, but also can be reduced to a smaller thermal damage zone. China's 2m laser crystal level has reached the international level, should vigorously develop the production of this laser crystal.
4. In the magnetostrictive alloy Terfenol-D, can also add a small amount of holmium, thereby reducing the saturation magnetization of the required field alloy.
5. Also can be made with fiber holmium doped fiber laser, optical amplifier, optical fiber sensors, optical communication devices will play a more important role in optical fiber communication rapidly today.