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Holmium oxide Powder Ho2O3 Nanopowder

Holmium oxide Powder Ho2O3 Nanopowder

Holmium oxide Powder Ho2O3 Nanopowder

Product details

  (1) Being used as the metal halogen lamp addition agent, the metal halogen lamp is one kind of gas discharge lamp, and it is developing on the high pressure mercury lamp foundation, this characteristic is filling having various different rare soil halogenide in the bulb. What chiefly uses at present is rare soil iodides, and issues different spectral line light colour when the gas discharge. The work matter which in adopted the holmium in the lamp is the iodization holmium, and can gain higher metal atom consistency in the electric arc area, thus raises radiation efficacy greatly. 
  (2) The holmium can be used as the addition agent of yttrium iron or yttrium aluminium garnet; 
  (3) The yttrium aluminium garnet ( Ho:YAG ) to mix the holmium can launch 2 μs' m's laser, and the human body organisation is high to 2 μs' m's laser absorption rate, almost high 3 amount levels than Hd:YAG. So when carrying on the medical treatment surgical operation with Ho:YAG's laser, not only surgical operation efficiency and precision can be raised, but also can make heat harm the region to subtract to smaller. The free light beam that the holmium crystal gave rise to can be eliminated fat and will not give rise to big quantity of heat, thus reduces the heat injury giving rise to the health organisation, and curing the glaucoma according to reporting the United States with holmium laser, and can reduce the pain of surgical operation of patient's. 
  (4) Terfenol-D also can join the a small amount holmium, thus reduce the outfield that the saturated magnetization of alloy needed. 
(5) In addition with the optical fiber to mix the holmium can make optical fiber laser, optical fiber amplifier and optical fiber sensor etc. solely communication parts will give the more important effect swift and violent in optical fibre communication today.  

physical properties
faint yellow Powder , insoluble in water, soluble in acid. remark
APS(nm) <100 Design for requirement
chemical component
TREO% ≥98
Ho2O3/REO% ≥99.95
Rare earth impurity content REO%
CeO2 ——
Pr6O11 ——
Nd2O3 ——
Sm2O3 ——
Eu2O3 ——
Gd2O3 ——
Tb4O7 ≤0.01
Dy2O3 ≤0.04
Er2O3 ≤0.05
Tm2O3 ≤0.01
Yb2O3 ——
Lu2O3 ——
Gloss 1000℃,1h,%Loss on ignition of 1000℃