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Terbium oxide Powder Tb4O7 Powder

Terbium oxide Powder Tb4O7 Powder

Terbium oxide Powder Tb4O7 Powder

The major application domain has: 
    (1) Fluorescent material is used in the activator of the green powder in tricolor, for example Phosphate basic quality of terbium activation,Silicate basic quality of terbium activation,Cerium magnesium aluminate basic quality of terbium activation , under the activable state all gives off green light. 
  (2) Magnet-optical memory material, and the terbium system magneto-optic materials achieved a large number of scopes producing in recent years, with the magneto-optic light disk of non-brilliant form film development of Tb-Fe, doing the computer memory element, the storage ability is raised 10 - 15 times.  
    (3)Critical material of the farad rotation glass including the terbium is the rotator to make the extensive use in the laser technology to magnetooptic glass and isolator and annular ware. More being the new use opening up the terbium, Terfenol is the new material found in the 70's to the especially development of indisputable magnetostriction alloy ( Terfenol ) of terbium dysprosium, and having one half composition in this alloy serving as terbium and dysprosium, and joins the holmium sometimes, all the other are for iron, and the change of his size can make some precision machinery motions can be realized than the general magnetic material changes greatly this kind of change when Terfenol places in a magnetic field. Terbium dysprosium iron begins chiefly being used the sonar, and the extensive use at present is in many kinds of domains, from the fuel injection system and the liquid valve control and minute fixes a position to the mechanical actuating unit and organization,the plane telescopic adjusted and airfoil adjuster etc.

physical properties
Dark brown powder, insoluble in water, soluble in acid. remark
APS(nm) <100 Design for requirement
chemical component
TREO% ≥98
Tb4O7/REO% ≥99.99
Rare earth impurity content La2O3 ≤0.0005
Rare earth CONTENT content REO%
CeO2 ≤0.0005
Pr6O11 ≤0.0005
Nd2O3 ≤0.0005
Sm2O3 ≤0.0005
Eu2O3 ≤0.001
Gd2O3 ≤0.002
Dy2O3 ≤0.002
Ho2O3 ≤0.001
Er2O3 ——
Tm2O3 ——
Yb2O3 ≤0.0005
Lu2O3 ——
Y2O3 ≤0.001