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Cocamidopropyl lamine Oxide CAS 68155-09-9

Cocamidopropyl lamine Oxide CAS 68155-09-9

Cocamidopropyl lamine Oxide CAS 68155-09-9

Chemical Name:Cocamidopropyl lamine Oxide
Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid
Active content(%):29.0-31.0
pH value (5% aqueous solution,25℃) :6.0-8.0
Free amide(%):≤0.1

Amine oxide surfactant, this product is a kind of amphoteric surfactant, soluble in water and polar organic solvents, the aqueous solution is cationic under acidic conditions, non-ionic under alkaline conditions.Good thickening, antistatic, soft, foam, foam stability and decontamination performance;Low irritation, can effectively reduce the irritation of anionic surfactant in detergent, can significantly improve the comprehensive washing ability of the product, under the general dosage, very mild to the skin and hair, but also has the characteristics of sterilization, calcium soap dispersion, easy biodegradation and so on.
Product features
1.Good solubility with anionic, cationic, zwitterionic and nonionic surfactants.
2, can produce rich thick fine foam.It has obvious thickening effect on proper proportion of anionic surfactant.
3, can effectively reduce the irritation of other surfactants in the product.
4, has good antistatic, is the ideal conditioner.
5. Good stability at low temperature.

Technical indicators
1. Odor: same as standard sample, no odor
2. Active substance (%) : 50.0 2.0
3. Free amine (%) : 0.5
4. pH value (1% aqueous solution) : 6.0-8.0
Coconut oil amide propyl amine oxide (CAO) is very gentle on skin and hair, such as skin, gives skin smooth and comfortable, also can make the raw material preparation of dense creamy foam shampoo, used in shampoo, make the hair more smooth and easy to comb, foam delicate, rich luster, can also be used in tableware, bathroom, building walls and other hard surface cleaner products with thickening, reduce the stimulation and synergy.Compared with the traditional 6501, it has the characteristics of low dosage, high efficiency, strong wetting force and strong detergency.It also has a good feel and soft properties.