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Evaporation scale inhibitor

Evaporation scale inhibitor

Evaporation scale inhibitor

Product Description:
The scale inhibitor is a new type of high-efficiency scale inhibitor. It is mainly used in the evaporation equipment of alumina production industry. It can effectively reduce the aluminosilicate type, carbonate type, sulfate type and mixing in the evaporation process of mother liquid. The formation of fouling, which effectively prevents the formation of scars, and has a certain effect on the original crusting in the equipment. At the same time, the scale inhibitor can form an effective protective film on the surface of the apparatus body to reduce material-to-equipment. The scouring of the body prolongs the washing and pickling cycle of the evaporation equipment, improves the heat exchange efficiency of the equipment, improves the operation rate of the equipment, and effectively solves the bottleneck problem of the evaporation equipment becoming alumina production, thereby saving energy and reducing production cost. To increase production and improve economic efficiency.
Physical characteristics: 
1, color: white to light yellow
2. Density (20°C) g/m3: 1.0-1.1
3, Ignition point: >98°C
Product use:
1. After the scale inhibitor is evenly mixed with water, it is injected into the evaporation system through a special drug pump. The specific dosing point needs to be determined according to the actual situation on site.
 2. The dosage is determined according to the amount of evaporation feed, generally 10-20ppm. (Need to find the best dosage according to the actual working conditions on site)
Storage and transportation:
1, Generally use large plastic barrels, 1000kg / barrel.
2, Should be placed in a cool and ventilated place (-5°C -40°C), the shelf life is one year.