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Heating system energy saving agent

Heating system energy saving agent

Heating system energy saving agent

Heater’s heat tracing method is internal heat tracing pipeline tracing heat.The heat that thermal medium inside the pipeline releases heats up heat tracing pipe in the ordinary pressure stove.Hot water is the heat tracing medium as heat source for heat tracing.It runs as self-circulation inside the pipe,and its circulation speed is the main process for heater’s heat dissipation.When circulation is slow,the loss of hot water’s heat energy is high,whereas when circulation is high,the loss of hot water’s heat energy is low.Other things equal,the temperature of the heater is in direct proportion to the speed of the hot water self-circulation under ordinary pressure.This is the reason that an additional circulating line pump is installed in the heater installation process.
 Household-use heater rarely installs heat cycling pipeline pump.So,for the purpose of saving energy,accelerating self-circulation veracity at ordinary pressure,and increasing in-door temperature,our company has developed and promotes the use of Heating System Energy Saving Agent,which effectively reduces the cost of heating for ordinary people.
Area of application:
 Civil heating;Central heating pipeline;Wall-mounted gas boiler;Electric heating.
Character: light green liquid,fruity smell
(1)A needle-like crystals that dissolve in water and activate by heat.It endures 1300 degrees of temperature and will not disintegrate at high temperature.It gathers small water molecules into big water molecules inside the pipeline and forms a 145 degreesβangle with the pipeline wall to reduce water resistance to speed up water self-circulation flow quantity under the ordinary pressure.
(2)It prevents incrustation formation after it is activated and cleans fouling in the pipeline as hot water circulating.It effectively controls low water flowing caused by poor circulation to reduce loss of heat energy.
(3)It does not corrode any types of radiators,pipelines,sealing pats,and other equipments made of any materials.
The optimal ratio of Heating System Energy Saving Agent to water is 1:300
Civil usage:calculate the amount of Heating System Energy Saving Agent needed based on the water volume of the heater.Take out a portion of water from the heater and fill the Heating System Energy Saving Agent and fill the heater up by water.
Central heat supply network:directly add and run Heating System Energy Saving Agent in the heat supply system by ratio.This way,it can skip the incrustation cleaning step.It as well can be added when water is reloaded into the system.
Effect:heat supply equal,energy can be saved from 25%to 30%.


Storage and Expiration: 5 years if sealed