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Special descaling agent for paper mills

Special descaling agent for paper mills

Special descaling agent for paper mills

Scope of application:
 It is mainly used for descaling of evaporators in the paper industry. Especially suitable for descaling and anti-corrosion of high temperature and high alkalinity circulating water systems.
Main ingredient:
EDTA, NTA, PHSA, PASP, NaOH, acrylic acid-acrylate-sulfonate copolymer, sulfonic acid type copolymer.
1. Prevent the deposition of calcium, magnesium and silicon salts to form hard scale. Good descaling performance for carbonate, oxalate and silicate scale.
2. It has wide adaptability to water quality conditions and can still exert good descaling effect under the conditions of high temperature, high alkalinity and high concentration ratio.
3. The product is a high-quality water-soluble powerful descaling agent. Its unique formula can quickly penetrate and disperse the pollutants of the articles. It is a new high-efficiency and environmentally friendly product.
4. This product is non-toxic, has no peculiar smell, does not burn, and is safer and more convenient when working in a closed environment.
Physical and chemical properties

Two-component material A B
Appearance and shape Colorless transparent liquid
density(20℃) ≥1.2 ≥1.2
pH(1% aqueous solution) 11-13 2-3
Main ingredient Surfactant
Solubility Soluble in water, ethanol
Main usage Detergent
When cleaning, the ratio of A and B is 2:1, and the total concentration of AB is 4-6% (that is, 4-6g of A and B mixture is added to 100ml of water, and the pH is 7-9). It can be used in the temperature range of 60~70°C to achieve the best descaling effect.
Packing :
    Ton barrels. Store in a cool, ventilated place, stored at room temperature, valid for one year.