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Trun-826 multi-purpose pickling corrosion inhibitor

Trun-826 multi-purpose pickling corrosion inhibitor

Trun-826 multi-purpose pickling corrosion inhibitor

Scope of application
1. With a variety of chemical cleaning with acid cleaning carbonate type, iron oxide type, mixed type and siliceous scale.
2. Suitable for carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metal equipment and combination of material pickling.
3. Suitable for cleaning of various heat exchangers used in petroleum, chemical, mechanical, metallurgy, electric power, transportation, refrigeration and other industries, such as various boilers, coolers, reactors, heaters, evaporators, Up and down the water pipes, refrigerators, compressors and so on.
Performance characteristics
1. Mainly used for sulfuric acid and other inorganic acids (except nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid), organic acids and mixed acid pickling, is the world's most widely used acid pickling inhibitor.
2. Efficient: in a variety of chemical cleaning acid has an excellent sustained-release effect, commonly used under the conditions of metal corrosion rate of less than 1g / ㎡ · h, with excellent resistance to acid leaching and inhibition of Fe3 + corrosion capacity, pickling When the metal does not produce pitting corrosion.
3. Safe and inexpensive: the amount of small, low cost, easy to operate, the use of safety, in particular, to avoid misuse of corrosion caused by the risk.

Physical and chemical properties
Appearance light yellow or brown liquid
Density (20 ℃), g / ㎝3 ≥0.96
pH value ≥7.0
Flammability Nonflammable

 Use the method
1. Select the appropriate acid and cleaning conditions according to the type of equipment to be cleaned, the material and the type of scale.
2. Turn-826 use 0.3-0.5% (according to 10% sulfuric acid concentration).
3. Use the steps: Connect the cleaning system, add metered water to the tank - add the metered Turn-826 inhibitor to stir evenly - add the metered concentration of concentrated acid to the equipment, Routine chemical cleaning process for cleaning.
4. Special Note: Please use our technical department before the professional anti-corrosion engineers advice, under the guidance of professional engineers under the correct use!

1. This product storage process, there will be blue and black particles precipitation, does not affect the use of performance.
2. When the winter storage temperature is low, it will precipitate needle-like crystals, placed in the room before the higher room, dissolved and then use.
3. Only allow rigorous regular pickling technology training personnel to use this product for pickling operation, or there may be equipment corrosion accident.
4. Only in strict accordance with the rules of the implementation of pickling acid pickling operation, corrosion inhibitor can play a good anti-corrosion effect. The wrong operation of the process will reduce the corrosion resistance of corrosion inhibitors, corrosion accidents.
5. Pickling process need to add other additives, you must first do pickling process additives and corrosion inhibitor compatibility test. Otherwise, the additive may damage the corrosion inhibitor, so that Turn-826 failure, causing corrosion accident.
6. The use of unsuitable acid or secondary acid will reduce the corrosion resistance of corrosion inhibitors, and even Turn-826 failure.

Packaging and storage
25kg plastic drums. Sealed in a cool and ventilated place, valid for two year.