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What sputtering target can be used for extra-large OLED panel

We all know about smartphones, tablets, color TVS and so on, because we have access to them almost every day.We touch and stare at their OLED panel from time to time.
Molybdenum target, also known as molybdenum sputtering target, may be unfamiliar to many people, so you may not know for a while that it is one of the core materials in the semiconductor industry, and more specifically, it is a key core raw material in LCD flat panel displays.Life is not only full of its shadow, may also be a few hours a day or even more than a dozen hours with it.Yes, this "it" is the OLED screen of the phone.
All products are inseparable from the material, high-end products and high-tech products on the material requirements are higher.Why molybdenum is one of the preferred sputtering materials for flat panel displays?
In fact, it used to be chrome as the wiring material for flat - panel displays.However, with the progress of The Times, the development of science and technology, and the process of large size and high precision of flat panel displays, chromium can no longer meet the higher requirements of the comparative impedance of flat panel wiring materials -- smaller than the impedance.Also, environmental protection should be considered.Therefore, molybdenum, with high melting point, high conductivity, good corrosion resistance and other characteristics, and its specific impedance and film stress is only half of chromium, in addition, molybdenum is an environmentally friendly material, do not need to worry about environmental pollution.Therefore, molybdenum became one of the preferred materials for sputtering target of flat panel display.Very important is, according to the expert introduction, molybdenum still can promote the brightness of liquid crystal display greatly, contrast, colour to wait for function and prolong its service life.
What is a sputtering target
To repeatedly used in very large scale integrated circuit manufacturing process of sputtering process of physical vapor deposition (PVD) technology, is one of the main technology of electronic thin film materials preparation, which makes use of the ion, ion source through accelerating gathered in the high vacuum, and the formation of a high speed can ion beam, the bombardment of solid surface, ions and solid surface atomic momentum exchange, from solid surface atoms and solid deposition in the basal surface, bombarded solid is sputtering deposition film of raw materials, known as the sputtering target materials.

The main performance requirements of the target material are as follows:
(1) Purity
Purity is one of the main performance indexes of the target material, because the purity of the target material has a great influence on the performance of the film.The higher the purity of molybdenum target is, the better the performance of sputtering film will be. Generally, the purity of molybdenum target is at least 99.95%.
(2) Density
In the process of sputtering coating, there will be a sudden release of gas in the target material with low density, which will cause large size target particles or particles flying, which will reduce the quality of the film.For molybdenum target, the required density should be at least 98%.
(3) Grain size
The results show that the sputtering rate of target with fine grain size is faster than that of coarse grain.And after coating, the film thickness uniformity distribution is more uniform.
(4) Grain orientation
Since it is easy for target atoms to be selectively sputtered along the direction of the most tightly arranged hexagonal atoms during sputtering, the sputtering rate is often increased by changing the crystal structure of the target to achieve the maximum sputtering rate.
The crystallization direction of the target also has a great influence on the thickness uniformity of the sputtering film. Therefore, it is very important to obtain the target structure with a certain crystallization orientation for the sputtering process of the film.
(5) Binding
In general, the molybdenum sputtering target must be connected with the anoxic copper (or aluminum or other materials) chassis before sputtering, so that the thermal conductivity of the target and the chassis is good during sputtering.
After binding, ultrasonic inspection must be carried out to ensure that the unbound area of the two is less than 2%, so as to meet the requirement of high-power sputtering without falling off.
Sputtering target market
As a mainstream technology for thin film material preparation, sputtering technology has a wide range of applications, such as integrated circuits, flat panel displays, solar cells, information storage, tool modification, optical coating, electronic devices, high-end decorative products and other industries.High-purity sputtering target materials are mainly used in fields requiring higher material purity and stability, such as integrated circuits, flat panel displays, solar cells, recording media, intelligent glass and other industries.

Since the 1990s, with the rapid development of consumer electronics and other terminal application markets, the market size of high-purity sputtering target materials has been expanding day by day, showing a momentum of rapid growth.According to statistics, the annual sales of the world high purity sputtering target material market was about 9.48 billion us dollars in 2015.It is predicted that in the next five years, the market size of the world sputtering target will exceed $16 billion, and the annual compound growth rate of the market size of high-purity sputtering target can reach 13%.However, before that, there were no major domestic companies specializing in the production of high-end molybdenum sputtering target materials, while the headquarters of major target materials manufacturers around the world were mostly concentrated in Japan and the United States.Therefore, the development of molybdenum target in China not only breaks the relative monopoly of foreign molybdenum sputtering target, but also greatly drives the market demand of domestic molybdenum sputtering target.