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Graphene Lubricant Oil Additive Sets off a New Material Storm

2020-11-11 10:30:01  Blog

What is lubricating oil additives

The concept of lubricating oil additives is to add one or several compounds in the lubricant to give the lubricant some new characteristics or improve some of the existing characteristics in the lubricant. Additives are divided into antioxidants, anti-wear agents, friction modifiers, extreme pressure additives, detergents, dispersants, foam inhibitors, anti-corrosion and rust inhibitors, flow point improvers, viscosity index improvers, etc. according to their functions. The additives sold in the market are generally composites of the above single additives. The difference is that the composition of the single additive is different and the ratio of several single additives in the composite additive is different.

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GrapheneLubricant Oil Additive

Since graphene was invented and won the Nobel Prize in Physics, everyone has put great expectations on the benefits this new material will bring to mankind. In the past two years, global application research on graphene has become more frequent.

In 2016, after years of research and field testing of thousands of cars, graphene oil additive, the research and development result of polycarbon composites, was announced, which attracted widespread attention in the automotive aftermarket. On January 4, 2017, Polycarbon Composites held a global press conference for the product, which attracted a lot of industry leaders to observe.

The oil additive is added to the car engine oil. Through the oil circulation, it can reach each friction surface in the engine cylinder to enhance the machine's anti-wear ability. In addition, the product can also be firmly attached to the metal surface to repair wear grooves and scratches, forming a layer of "graphene protective film" to isolate direct friction between metals. It can keep the engine of a new car after a period of time as new; let the engine of an old car increase power, save energy and reduce consumption, it is simply another technological revolution in the application of graphene.

Through actual experience and scientific and technological testing, thousands of car owners have confirmed that after adding this graphene oil additive, their car has more power, less noise, no shaking of the steering wheel, and the problem of oil burning has been solved. Fuel consumption and car Exhaust emissions, etc. are significantly reduced.

Relevant experts said that the graphene lubricant additives of polycarbon composites overturned people's existing understanding of traditional automobile oil protective agents. While providing car owners with a good car experience and tangible benefits, it will reduce exhaust hazards and improve the current situation of urban smog, which has social significance beyond the product itself.

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