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The PTFE Oil Additive

2023-07-10 06:05:03  Blog

The ptfe oil additive has come in for much criticism in recent years by experts in the field of lubrication. Perhaps the harshest testimonial came from DuPont Chemical Corporation, the inventor and holder of the patents and trademarks for Teflon. In a statement issued about fifteen years ago, the company's Fluoropolymers Division Product Specialist J.F. Imbalzano said that although PTFE, the substance in which the ptfe oil additive is based, does have some useful properties as a lubricant, it is not an effective ingredient in any product intended for use in internal combustion engines.

Those promoting the ptfe oil additive claim that it reduces friction between metal parts by suspending tiny particles of PTFE in the engine oil. These particles act like roller bearings between the moving metal parts, eliminating friction and preventing wear. The ptfe oil additive makers also claim that it saves fuel because the less friction means that the engine runs more efficiently.

But experts in the field of lubrication are generally skeptical of these claims. They point out that there is no way to tell if the PTFE particles will actually be present in the oil at operating temperature. The particle size is important, because if the particles are too small they will just settle out of the oil and clog the filter. Moreover, the oil additives containing PTFE typically contain solvents that can strip away the boundary lubrication provided by normal engine oils.

In addition, most experts note that the ptfe oil additives have not been proven to reduce engine wear on anything like a long term basis. They say that the manufacturers of these products have no test data available to support their claims. They also cite the fact that most major car and engine makers actively discourage the use of these products, often warning that they will void warranty coverage if the additives are used.

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