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Where to Buy Graphite Powder

2023-07-10 15:25:03  Blog

Manufacturer & distributor of graphite powder for metallurgy, friction modifier & polymer additive applications. Standard granulation sizes range from 5 mesh USS to 0.7 microns. Also offer high-purity, high-temperature and anticorrosion lubricant base stocks. Provide custom formulations, particle characterization & sintering services. Products include amorphous, crystalline flake & vein graphites as well as synthetic (artificial) and calcined petroleum coke.

The most stable form of carbon under normal conditions, graphite is an allotrope of elemental carbon with a unique structure consisting of one-atom thick hexagonal networks of sp2 hybridized sheets. These are bonded to each other by weak van der Waals forces and p-p interactions of delocalized electrons. This gives it a low hardness, perfect cleavage and slipperiness, unlike diamond's stiff feel. Graphite exhibits superb electrical conductivity and electroheat property and can be used to make conductive pastes and electrodes for powder metallurgy & foundry facings.

Graphite powder is a dry lubricant that works very well in extremely cold temperatures and high-temperatures. It can also be added to oils or greases to create specialized lubricants for different types of tribological requirements. The lubrication is very good due to the vast number of electrons that are delocalized within these layers of carbon.

Pine-Pro graphite powder is the perfect lubricant to use on mousetrap powered vehicles because it decreases the coefficient of friction by 20-50%! Simply apply a liberal amount to both surfaces that rub together. The number one force acting against a vehicle's motion is friction, so this lubricant will dramatically increase the speed and travel distance of your mousetrap-powered vehicle!

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