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Dry Lubricant

Dry lubricant is added to grease or lubricating oil so that the lubricant film acts as an extreme pressure additive under impact load or high heat. It can also enhance sealing and protection and improve thermal stability. This series of products are mainly graphite powder, graphite, MoS2, WS2, Teflon grease, copper powder, etc.

  • Lithium 12-Hydroxystearate Lithium Grease Lithium Based Grease
    Lithium grease is made by thickening mineral oil with Lithium 12-Hydroxystearate soap and adding oxygen, rust, corrosion, and other extreme pressure antiwear additives. Lithium grease has excellent water resistance, mechanical stability, extreme pressure resistance, water-resistance and pumping, rust resistance, and oxidation stability. Lithium grease can also give full play to its excellent lubrication performance under extreme operating conditions.
  • Graphene Best Oil Additive Engine Oil additive
    Graphene is a new two-dimensional carbon material with atomic thickness. The friction between layers of graphene is affected by stacking form, relative sliding direction, size, defect, layer spacing, and layer number. Graphene has shown great application value in the field of high-performance lubricants due to its ultra-thin nanometer sheet structure, excellent thermal conductivity, self-lubrication, mechanical properties, and good chemical stability.
  • Lithium Stearate Lithium Grease Lubricant Additives
    Lithium stearate, stable at room temperature and pressure, insoluble in water, ethanol, and ethyl acetate.Lithium stearate can also be used as an external lubricant to form colloids in mineral oils.
  • Teflon Grease PTFE Grease PTFE Lubricant Teflon Lubricant
    PTFE (Teflon)has a strip structure in which crystal flakes and non-crystalline flakes are alternately arranged, and the non-crystalline portion is easy to slide, so the friction coefficient is small, and it is spaced between the friction pairs so that it has excellent anti-friction resistance. The grinding characteristics, therefore, PTFE can be used as a typical solid lubricating material, showing excellent performance in terms of heat resistance, wear resistance, self-lubricity, and low friction factor.
  • Boron Nitride Hexagonal Boron Nitride Boron Nitride Powder Boron Nitride Lubricant
    Boron nitride has a minimal friction coefficient and is very stable at high temperatures, so boron nitride can be used as a lubricant in high temperature. Compared with other lubricants, it has many advantages, such as better resistance to high-temperature performance, resistance to load capacity, even in the corrosive energetic and another harsh environment, it can maintain its stability, do not occur denaturation or lubrication performance weakened change.
  • Nano Copper Nano Oil Additive Nano Lubrication Additives
    Nano copper has broad application prospects in improving engine lubrication, reducing friction and wear, improving engine power performance, reducing pollution and extending life. In order to exert the special properties of the nanoparticles, the prepared copper powder must be as single-particle nano-powder as possible.
  • WS2 Tungsten Disulfide Best Engine Oil Additive Lubricant Additive
    WS2 is used as solid lubricant, dry lubricant, and self-lubricating composite material: nano WS2 is the best solid lubricant, with friction factor of 0.01 ~ 0.03, compressive strength up to 21.0 MPa, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, excellent load resistance, non-toxic and harmless, wide service temperature, long lubrication life, and low friction factor.
  • Nano Diamond Best Oil Additive Lubricant Additive Friction Modifier
    The nano diamond particles can roll between the friction surfaces to form a "ball bearing effect," and the pure sliding friction between the original friction pairs becomes mixed friction of sliding and rolling, thereby reducing wear.
  • Graphite Powder Graphite Lubricant Dry Graphite Lubricant
    Product DescriptionGraphite lubricant is mainly used to uniformly distribute graphite powder in wate...
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