Knowledge About Dry Lubricant And Oil Additives Suppliers


  • Lubricant additives refer to additives that reduce the coefficient of friction of lubricants under boundary lubrication conditions. In the fluid lubrication state, the surface of the friction pair is entirely separated by the lubricating oil film.……
    Feb 20
  • With the development of industrial technology, high speed, high performance, high automation, high efficiency, and long life required by modern equipment, it is challenging to meet the requirements of lubrication with mineral oil alone. Adding a small number of other substances t...……
    Jan 17
  • Nano-diamond is a nano-hard material synthesized by the explosive detonation method. It has both the quantum size effect, interface effect of the nanomaterial, and the high hardness and excellent chemical stability of the diamond itself. It has broad application prospects in ultr...……
    Jan 03
  • When the load between Friction pairs is small, the Friction Modifier can form a protective film on the surface of Friction pairs to prevent severe wear between metals. When the metal surface bears a large load or when the mechanical equipment runs at a fast speed, due to the loca...……
    Dec 19
  • PTFE is used in various occasions that need to resist acid and alkali and organic solvents. It has tightness, high lubricity and non-stickiness, electrical insulation, good aging resistance, and excellent temperature resistance.……
    Dec 06
  • MoS2 as a solid lubricant has the advantages of low friction coefficient, high bearing capacity, full use temperature range, excellent adhesion, anti-friction, and corrosion resistance, but the moisture in the humid environment will cause the MoS2 friction coefficient to increase...……
    Dec 04
  • There are five main types of solid lubricants: carbon-based materials, transition metal disulfides (such as MoS2 and WS2), polymers (such as PTFE lubricant), soft metal, and ceramic high-temperature lubricating materials. Among them, carbon-based materials and transition metal di...……
    Dec 03
  • According to the GDP of the United States, the annual loss caused by friction and wear is estimated to be up to 150 billion us dollars. Reducing friction reduces energy consumption, which not only reduces the impact on oil resources but also means reducing CO2 emissions, which re...……
    Nov 29
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