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Detergent Dispersant is the Most Important Role of Oil Additive

2020-11-27 10:05:52  Knowledge

With the development of industrial technology, the high-speed, high-performance, high-automation, high-efficiency, and long-life required by modern equipment can no longer be satisfied by simply using mineral oil lubricating materials in terms of lubrication.

What is oil additive?

Adding a small amount of other substances to the lubricating material can improve its performance and give it new characteristics. These substances are called oil additives.

Adding different additives to oil is the most economical and effective means to improve oil quality. Generally speaking, the variety and quality of lubricants often depend on the variety and quality of additives. Therefore, the development of the production and use of additives has become an important way to rationally and effectively utilize resources, improve equipment performance and save energy.

Lubricating oil additives can be divided into detergents and dispersants, antioxidants and anticorrosives, extreme pressure antiwear agents, oily agents and friction modifiers, antioxidants and metal deactivators, viscosity index improvers, rust inhibitors, and anti-wear agents. Grouping of coagulants, anti-foaming agents, etc., the following describes the mechanism of action of commonly used lubricant additives.

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What is a detergent and dispersant

Detergent dispersant includes two types of detergent and dispersant. Mainly used in internal combustion engine oil (steam engine oil, diesel engine oil, railway diesel locomotive oil, two-stroke engine oil and marine engine oil). Its main function is to keep the inside of the engine clean, so that the insoluble matter generated is in a colloidal suspension state, and it will not further form carbon deposits, paint film or sludge. Specifically, its role can be divided into four aspects: acid neutralization, solubilization, dispersion and washing.

(1) Acid neutralization

Detergent dispersants generally have a certain degree of alkalinity, and some are even highly alkaline. They can neutralize the organic and inorganic acids generated by the oxidation of lubricating oil to prevent further condensation, thus reducing the paint film and preventing these The corrosion of acidic substances on engine components.

(2) Solubilization

Detergents and dispersants are all surfactants, which can solubilize solid or liquid substances that cannot be dissolved in oil in the center of micelles composed of 5-20 surfactant molecules. During use, it Solubilize oxygen-containing compounds containing hydroxyl, carbonyl and carboxyl groups, nitro compounds, moisture, etc. into micelles to form colloids to prevent further oxidation and condensation and reduce the formation and aggregation of harmful deposits on engine parts.

(3) Dispersion

It can absorb small solid particles such as carbon deposits and paint films that have been generated, and make them dispersed in the oil in a colloidal solution state, preventing these substances from further agglomerating into large particles and adhering to the machine parts, or depositing as sludge.

(4) Washing effect

It can wash off the paint film and carbon deposits that have been adsorbed on the surface of the component, and disperse it in the oil to keep the engine and metal surfaces clean.

The structure of the detergent dispersant is basically composed of lipophilic, polar and hydrophilic groups. Due to the difference in structure, the performance of the detergent dispersant is different. Generally speaking, the detergency of the ash additive is better. Well, the dispersibility of ashless additives is outstanding.

Typical representative of detergent and dispersant

Typical representatives of detergent dispersants are sulfonates, alkylphenates, salicylates, succinimides, succinates and polymers. The first three are also called ash-free detergent dispersants, and the latter three are called ash-free detergent dispersants.

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