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Differential Friction Modifier

2023-04-09 13:35:04  Knowledge

A differential is a device that transfers power from the engine to the wheels on an axle. It can be an open differential (the standard) that transfers equal torque to both wheels, or a limited-slip differential that limits the amount of slip between the two axles by engaging clutch packs when one wheel starts to spin.

differential friction modifier

In addition to the gears, bearings and shims that are used in all differentials, they require a lubricant to prevent friction and wear between the gears and the surfaces that they rub against. This lubricant is typically called gear oil, and it’s designed to keep all the components inside your differential lubricated and running smoothly.

GL-5 is a special grade of differential oil that contains Sulphur-based friction modifiers. This helps the oil function under high pressures, like in an LSD.

Reduces chatter and banging

Differential gear-housing chatter is common in vehicles equipped with limited slip, posi-traction or locking differentials. This can be caused by a variety of factors, including the differential’s friction material and degree of clutch wear.

Eliminates stick-slip

In a helical gear diff, the friction between the gears and the case can cause a sticky noise that sounds similar to a rusty screw or squeak. This is a normal occurrence, but adding a small amount of friction modifier to the axle lube will almost always eliminate this sound.

Improves torque bias ratio

The Torque Bias Ratio, or TBR, of a differential is the ratio of the torque that it produces to the torque it resists. This ratio is critical in determining how much traction you have on each of your tires when driving. The higher the TBR, the better your traction.

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