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Differential Lubricants and Friction Modifier Additives

2023-03-30 02:30:03  Knowledge

A differential is a mechanical device that distributes power to the driven wheels. They come in a range of shapes and sizes, and can be found on almost all modern cars. A limited-slip differential (LSD) is the most common design and a good choice for track use, as it limits the amount of wheelspin when the engine is under heavy load, which can make a car snatchy on tight bends.

Friction Modifier Additives

Friction modifier additives are a type of fuel additive that reduces friction in key metal-to-metal contact points in engines and transmissions, thereby reducing wear, reducing energy loss, and improving the performance of lubricating oils. These additives are polar chemical compounds that have high affinity for metal surfaces and possess long alkyl chains.

They are usually soluble in the oil and bind to the surface of the friction pair by forming a physical or chemical reaction protective film on the metal surfaces. The molecules are arranged in rows perpendicular to the metal surfaces, and the polar end of each molecule adsorbs on the metal surface.

EP Additives

These are mainly compounds that contain sulphur and phosphorus which form a robust lubricating layer under severe load conditions. Boundary lubrication generates a higher temperature on the friction surface, which allows these compounds to form a semi-plastic deposit protection film. The adsorption layer is not easy to shear, so it protects the close-contact metal surface from being affected. The surface is therefore able to withstand high wear rates and raised damage, and this leads to lower friction coefficients in the friction pair.

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