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Dry Graphite Lube

2023-03-08 06:10:03  Knowledge

dry graphite lube

A dry lubricant is a solid material that reduces frictional resistance between moving parts. It is generally used for applications in which a lubricant is required at temperatures higher than that which can be achieved by liquid and oil based lubricants.

Graphite and molybdenum disulfide are the predominant materials used as dry lubricants. These materials offer lubrication at higher temperatures than liquid or oil-based lubricants, especially in oxidizing environments.

They also operate well in reducing / non-oxidizing atmospheres and do not attract dust or other airborne particulates. They are used to lubricate lock mechanisms, bearings, threaded rods and other moving parts that are sensitive to dust and dirt.

The key to dry graphite lube is its ability to penetrate deep into the moving components. It is mixed with a fast evaporating solvent and applied to the surface of the component. Once the powder dries, it forms a penetrating graphite deposit.

For example, dry graphite is a great lubricant to use on pin tumbler locks. These locks are sensitive to dust and gunk build-up and using a normal wet lubricant can often attract the gunk and make the lock function worse, or at least increase maintenance and cleaning requirements.

Dry graphite is also an excellent lubricant for pinewood derby cars since it doesn't attract dust or other airborne particles like a wet lube does. Adding graphite to your pinewood derby car prior to racing is a quick way to ensure that the wheel/axle pairs are lubricated properly, and it will help you achieve the best possible race results.

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