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Dry Graphite Spray

2023-03-16 01:30:03  Knowledge

dry graphite spray (tm)

This dry lubricant is an excellent choice for all mechanical devices that require dry lubrication and the protection of surfaces that must not be subject to a lot of friction. This product has been specifically engineered to deposit a tack free film of high purity graphite powder, that will coat and protect metal parts.

Graphite is an extremely versatile lubricant, and can be used as a dry or liquid base lubricant. It is also highly resistant to water and oil, allowing it to lubricate moving parts without attracting dirt or grime.

It is ideal for lubricating sprockets, chains and wheels in industrial applications. It is also used as an anti-rust lubricant, particularly in aerospace industries where extreme pressures and temperatures place components under stress.

What makes graphite so good as a dry lubricant?

Graphite's softness on the Mohs hardness scale means it can withstand extreme heat and pressure. It can also withstand chemical attack and is not prone to corrosion.

Its ability to lubricate in dry conditions makes it an excellent choice for use on locks and padlocks, where viscous lubricants such as oil or grease would cause the lock to attract dirt that gums up the mechanism.

In addition, graphite does not attract dust and gunk as much as a liquid lubricant, which means less cleaning up after using the lock.

While this is a great alternative to traditional multi-purpose oils that have a tendency to build up on the surfaces it lubricates and leave behind an oily residue, the one drawback of a graphite based dry lubricant is its easy tendency to over-apply in difficult applications. The extra graphite in the lock will mix with dust or dirt, and if it is not removed with proper usage, will begin to build up and gum the lock up.

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