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Fillers For PTFE Sealing

2023-05-06 15:40:02  Knowledge

Polytetraflouroethylene, PTFE is one of the most popular sealing materials for applications in which high pressure and dynamic loads are involved. It is also non-stick and chemically inert which makes it an ideal choice for a wide variety of applications.

The material’s excellent elasticity and low frictional properties make it ideal for dynamic components, particularly in the air compressor industry. However, the material can be susceptible to wear if it is subjected to very heavy loads.

To counteract this, PTFE is often filled with fillers that improve its performance. These can include carbon, glass, and bronze.

Carbon-filled PTFE has several benefits including reduced deformation under heavy load, better compressive strength, lower permeability and improved wear resistance. It is conductive, making it suitable for appliances that require higher thermal conductivity than PTFE alone.

Graphite-filled PTFE is an alternative that offers similar benefits to a carbon-filled material but without the greatly improved wear resistance. It lowers the coefficient of friction, self-lubricates and has some electrical conductivity.

Bronze-filled PTFE has excellent wear resistance but cannot compare to the wear resistance of carbon-graphite-filled PTFE and is more suited for applications where the gas compressor has piston temperatures. It can be used in bearing and piston ring applications.

PTFE is an excellent material for sealing, but it can suffer from wear if it is subjected to heavy loads. Adding fillers to PTFE can counteract this issue and provide a much stronger and durable seal.

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