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Friction Reducer Oil Additive

2023-02-24 14:30:03  Knowledge

friction reducer oil additive helps improve your vehicle's performance and protect your engine. FR3 is a one-of-a-kind, synthetic oil additive that reduces engine wear by up to 43% and increases horsepower by up to 5%.

FR3 works in conventional and synthetic oils, as well as power-steering pumps, differentials and hydraulic systems. Use it as a one-time treatment at every oil change.

It's formulated with three patented lubricants that have unique lubricating properties even compared to PAO or mPAO synthetics of the same viscosity. They synergize to extend your base oil's performance in shear stability, oxidation stability and film strength, especially friction reduction.

Nano carbons in FR3 attach to oil-wetted components inside your engine, create a stronger film strength and fill microscopic blemishes on the machined surface. The esters in FR3 are also responsible for increased rubber seal lubrication and a slight swelling of the seals for less oil leaks.

JLM Bortec - Engine Friction Reduction is a new generation of ceramic chemical additive that minimises friction in combustion engines by minimising wear and frictional resistance between moving parts. The boron-based additive prevents moisture sensitivity, stabilises thermal oxidation and reduces sludge formation.

FR3 is proven to reduce engine wear by up to 43% and is effective on all diesel and gasoline powered vehicles. It can be used in most applications, including small two-cycle engines, semi-trucks and farm equipment.

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