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Gear Oil Without Friction Modifier

2023-01-07 20:50:03  Knowledge

A gear oil without friction modifier can cause problems in your limited slip differential. This type of gear oil is designed to lubricate all of the various components of the differential, including the gears, axles, and side gears. It also helps to reduce wear and improves fuel economy.

Friction modifiers are chemical additives that are added to lubricants. They are primarily used in engine oils, transmission fluids, and tractor fluids to help smooth out the transition between speeds and conditions. However, they can also be added to a limited slip gear oil to increase its lubricity and eliminate chatter.

GL-5 is a particular type of gear oil that is recommended for limited-slip differentials. These gear lubes offer the highest levels of protection, shear stability, and slipperiness. In addition, they make low-temperature shifting more convenient. The additives also protect the gears from micro-welding, which can damage them.

If you have a non-synthetic limited-slip differential, you will need to choose a gear lube that is capable of withstanding high heat. Red Line's SEVERE GEAR Synthetic Gear Lube is specially designed to resist breakage in hot conditions.

Aside from the gear lube, you'll also need to ensure that the differential is operating properly. You'll want to check out your owner's manual for the proper amount of friction modifier to use. Some types of gear lubes will already have a built-in friction modifier, while others will need an additive.

Many manufacturers recommend using conventional gear oil with a friction modifier. However, you can find some specialty gear oils that do not have a friction modifier.

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