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Graphite Oil Lubricant

2022-12-13 17:20:03  Knowledge

Graphite oil lubricant is a type of concentrated lubricant. It is used to prevent billets from sticking to the die surface. It is also used to lubricate the ratchet surfaces of rotary stepping switches.

Graphite is a crystalline form of carbon, which is black in color. Its sheets are made of six carbon atoms each. Graphite has a high resistance to heat and pressure. It is a popular lubricant in various industries, including food processing, air compressors, brass instrument valves and railway track joints. It is not corrosive and does not damage machines.

A lubricant composition that contains 450 parts of graphite and 900 parts of dibutylphthalate can reduce friction between sliding surfaces. It has a kinematic viscosity of 44 to 59.

Graphite and vermiculite are the two main materials used to make lubricant compositions. Vermiculite is a low-hardness, chemically inert mineral. It is a common component of lubricant compositions that are used for hot pressing of metals. It has a temperature range of 900C to 1100C and a melting point of about 100C.

Graphite can be used to lubricate sleeve bearings, ball bearings, and air compressors. The material's lubrication performance often exceeds that of petroleum-based lubricants. It is also a good material for frequent disassembly.

It can be diluted with a fast-evaporating solvent. This method makes it easier to reach tight spots. When the solvent evaporates, the surface of the substrate is left with a layer of pure graphite. This lubricant is especially effective in applications with high temperatures.

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