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Important Application of Tungsten Disulfide in the Lubricating Additive Industry

2020-10-15 16:07:44  Knowledge

Tungsten disulfide powder

Tungsten disulfide WS2 is a layered crystal structure with excellent lubricity and extremely low friction coefficient. The dynamic friction coefficient is 0.030, and the static friction coefficient is 0.070. It is coated on the surface of auto parts, which can significantly reduce wear and seizure. Or reduce equipment repair and maintenance problems caused by friction, wear, etc., improve the work efficiency and service life of auto parts, and save time and cost for users. The chemical properties of tungsten disulfide are relatively stable, which can adapt to various too harsh conditions, provide maximum protection against wear, rust and corrosion, and is environmentally friendly. It is non-toxic and will not harm human health. The environment is polluted.


Tungsten disulfide oil additives

Tungsten disulfide is a new type of lubricating material with excellent anti-wear and anti-friction properties. It is recognized by the scientific community as one of the raw materials with the best friction and lubrication effect. The decomposition temperature of tungsten disulfide in the atmosphere is 510℃, and it oxidizes rapidly at 539℃. It can be lubricated for a long time at 425℃. The decomposition temperature in a vacuum is as high as 1150℃. Its extreme-pressure strength can reach 21MPa. The radiation performance is better than that of molybdenum disulfide, graphite, fullerene and other materials. It can not only adapt to general lubrication conditions but also can be used in harsh working environments such as high temperature, high pressure, high load, high vacuum, corrosion and radiant media. Therefore, tungsten disulfide has been used as a high-performance solid lubricating material in aerospace, military and other high-tech fields.

Tungsten disulfide greases

Lithium-based grease containing tungsten disulfide powder with different mass fractions, at the optimal addition amount of 2% by a mass fraction, lithium-based oil exhibits the best tribological performance non-seizing load and sintering load are respectively compared with the base Grease increased by 112.8% and 84.3%. The average friction coefficient and wear scar diameter decreased by 17.3% and 46.8%, respectively.

During the friction process, part of the tungsten disulfide powder is adsorbed and deposited on the pits of the friction pair due to the nano-scale effect, which plays a role in surface repair; at the same time, under high temperature and high load conditions, a WS2 nanoparticle absorbent layer is formed, and tungsten disulfide nanopowder It chemically reacts with the surface of the friction pair to create a chemical reaction film containing Fe2O3, FeSO4, WO3 and Fe3O4, thus exerting an excellent lubricating effect.

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Here are a few examples of tungsten disulfide applications in the automotive industry

When the car engine is running, the temperature will be very high, and the piston will rotate back and forth at a very high speed. Operating under such harsh conditions, the piston will accelerate wear. Due to the low coefficient of friction of tungsten disulfide, the lubricating effect can be maintained for parts used for high temperature or heavy load friction. At this time, coating it on the surface of the piston will reduce wear, lower temperature and extend service life.

The crankshaft is an essential part of the engine. Its working condition is also high-speed rotation, so it must be resistant to wear and fatigue. The surface of the journal is generally high-frequency quenched or nitrided, and its surface is coated with tungsten disulfide and finely ground. Its wear resistance and fatigue strength will be significantly improved.

The universal joints, steering knuckles, spring steel plate bushes, and front and rear brake cam bushes in automobiles are relatively challenging to apply oil. With the infrequent operation, the lubricating oil used will deteriorate and lose its lubricating effect. Tungsten disulfide has excellent mechanical stability and thermal stability, ensuring that these parts enjoy the lubricating effect and reduce wear.

Tungsten disulfide has excellent compatibility, water erosion resistance, and affinity with most paints, solvents and fuels. It can ensure that there is always a layer of the lubricating layer on the surface of the bearing in the water pump and the silicon oil fan clutch and the spiral gear of the driving distributor so as to protect against rust and corrosion. With such excellent properties, tungsten disulfide can be used not only in the automotive industry but also in the machinery industry, plastics industry, medical device industry, military, aerospace, satellites, and aviation spacecraft.

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