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Moly Grease Uses

2023-03-24 03:40:05  Knowledge

moly grease uses include lubrication, protection and friction management. This solid lubricant is used to minimize friction between two metal surfaces and it also helps in smoothening out the working of gears and splines. It is a good choice for heavy load machineries and CV joints.

Low Friction: It is designed to minimize the friction in extreme pressure environments and enables reduced power consumption, lower heat generation and lessened oxidation. This reduces downtime and extends lubrication cycles.

Enhanced Anti-Wear: It reduces friction and shock loads that cause fretting of splined shafts, pivot pins and fifth wheels. It also protects components under boundary lubrication conditions where sliding or vibration action pushes the grease away from the contacting surface.

High Temperature: It is suited for extremely high temperatures required at ironworks, cement plants, etc. It is also recommended for swivel and shackle lubrication.

Lithium-Based: It contains a lithium base and a special formula of friction reducing molybdenum disulfide. This provides increased load capacity, better metal surface adhesion and reduced friction.

Waterproof: It seals out moisture and resists emulsification and washing off. This makes it a reliable solution for swivel and shackle applications where water ingress is a problem.

Multipurpose: It is suitable for a variety of lubrication applications and is formulated with a combination of paraffinic and non-paraffinic oils, polymers and shear stable synthetic thickeners. This formulation is further strengthened with a blend of lubricating solids such as graphite and molybdenum disulfide.

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