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Moly Lubricant

2023-03-12 11:20:04  Knowledge

moly lubricant is a very important lubricant in the automotive industry, as it is used to reduce friction between moving parts. This reduces wear and tear on the components, which in turn, helps increase fuel efficiency by reducing strain and stress on the engine.

Why is it used in lubricants?

Moly is a dry lubricant that is made up of microscopic particles. These particles are very good at coating metallic surfaces, reducing friction and making it easier for moving parts to move.

The lubricant can also be added to greases, gear lubes, hydraulic fluids and metalworking fluids to provide these same benefits. In addition to its dry lubricating properties, moly can help protect the components it's added to from oxidation and corrosion.

It is commonly added to engine oils for the same reason as it can be applied to other lubricants, but with one major difference. Oil-soluble moly compounds, such as thiocarbamates, have much less tendency to break down and contaminate the oil, which helps make it a more cost effective way to use moly in lubricants.

When it comes to motor oils, it's a great idea to add a moly lubricant, but only one type of moly can be used in most motor oils today -- Molybdenum Dithiocarbamate or (MoDTC). This form of moly is 100% oil-soluble so it stays in suspension in the lube.

It is an aerosol-based spray lubricant that improves running-in and eliminates stick-slip, prevents seizure of metal-to-metal contact points, and reduces fretting corrosion. It is recommended for pre-treatment, assembly, maintenance, repair, press-fitting and running-in of plain bearing and sliding surfaces.

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