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NanoSlick Tungsten Disulfide Grease

2023-04-06 15:51:57  Knowledge

tungsten disulfide grease offers exceptional lubrication and load carrying ability under extreme pressure, even under high shear. It also exhibits exceptional stability and will not harden or set up in storage or use.

NanoSlick WS2 Grease is designed specifically for sport fishing reels and provides ultimate protection, lubricity and longevity! This product contains a proprietary blend of rust and corrosion inhibitors.

The coating is a dry film lubricant that has one of the lowest Coefficients of Friction (Dynamic @ 0.03 and Static at 0.07) of any grease on the market! It can be mixed 1wt% to 15wt% with grease or oil, enhancing lubricity and extending High Temperature and Extreme Pressure properties.

It is a highly durable, non-stick lubricant that can withstand a maximum of 100,000 psi. It is also resistant to water, abrasion and corrosive chemicals.

WS2 coatings will last longer than a standard lubricant on a bearing because it is a permanent coating and WS2 will not wear off over time like an oil film will. The coating will also provide a better surface finish and will prevent galling.

In addition, tungsten disulfide can withstand high temperatures and oxidation without degrading. This makes it a good choice for a variety of applications including automotive fuel injection systems, diesel hydraulic systems, ball and metering valves and nuclear power plants.

The molecular structure of tungsten disulfide creates stacks of thin layers that form a lamellar pattern, which allows the material to slide along contact surfaces with minimal resistance. This results in very low friction and effective lubrication for mating or moving parts.

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