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PTFE Gaskets For Flanges

2023-04-06 04:30:03  Knowledge

ptfe gaskets for flanges are available in all sizes and shapes with a choice of standards. PTFE gaskets are used in piping systems to provide a seal between the two connecting flanges.

PTFE is a fluorocarbon polymer with a low coefficient of friction and outstanding chemical resistance. PTFE has a wide operating temperature range and is resistant to UV light. It can withstand most corrosive liquids and vapors, and does not contaminate the medium.

Types of PTFE for Flange Applications

Coastal Flange provides many types of ptfe gaskets that are designed to fit into the grooves on a flange face and create a leak proof seal. They are manufactured from a soft material that is able to seat into the grooves of the flange face and tighten with a simple wrench.

Style 3070 Wet and Dry PTFE Yard Tape is a flexible, compressible gasket that can be treated with an inert lubricant or furnished without the lubricant (Style 3070 Dry). It conforms easily to flange irregularities and fills surface voids even at low flange bolt loads. It handles virtually any chemical service with the exception of molten alkali metals.

Gylon(r) Style 3540 and ENVELON(r) PTFE are highly compressible material that conforms to flange irregularities, especially on warped or pitted flanges. It improves cold flow resistance, reduces creep and has low bolt load requirements to ensure a tight seal on glass lined or wavy flanges.

This material is used in a wide variety of industrial, food and pharmaceutical applications. It is similar to the chemical resistance of pure PTFE, but is susceptible to nitric acid corrosion. It is used in the chemical, petrochemical, and shipbuilding industries.

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