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PTFE Price Per Kg

2022-12-20 00:20:03  Knowledge

The price of PTFE is influenced by various factors. Some of the major factors that affect the prices are price of raw materials, demand & supply gap and changing regulatory environment.

The PTFE market has witnessed considerable growth in recent years. China is the largest consumer of PTFE. It accounts for 40% of the global consumption of the polymer. The country also produces a large amount of the product. However, the shut down of manufacturing units in the country has negatively affected the prices.

The Asian market has experienced a significant increase in the prices of the polymer. This is due to an increase in the costs of manufacturing and freight charges. This has further led to a disruption in the supply chain. This has led to a spike in the price of PTFE.

The price of Fluoropolymer in the Chinese market has increased during the first quarter. This is due to the soaring of the feedstock values. The production cost of the polymer has also gone up. This is due to the high energy rates. This has also pushed the PFTE prices up.

The Fluoropolymer prices have stabilized during the second half of the quarter. The rise in the feedstock values has helped the prices to settle at USD 11420 per tonne.

The Fluoropolymers market is projected to continue its upward trajectory during the forecast period. The price of PTFE has also increased during the past two years. This is due to the escalating demand for cost-effective solutions.

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