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Superior Extreme Pressure and Anti-wear Performance of Moly Grease

2020-08-07 16:41:12  Knowledge

What is moly grease?

Moly grease(Molybdenum disulfide grease) is made of pure molybdenum disulfide with various additives such as anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion. Moly grease has the excellent waterproof and anti-rust performance. The advantage of moly grease is its outstanding extreme pressure and anti-wear performance. It is mainly used for heavy-duty parts with impact load, which can effectively prevent mechanical parts from seizing and sintering.

Extreme pressure and anti-wear properties of moly grease

Molybdenum disulfide MoS2 has high-pressure resistance, which is unmatched by other lubricating materials. It can still be used under extremely high pressure of 20000kg/cm2. Generally, the lubricating oil layer, under such high pressure, the film has long been ruptured and loses lubrication. Causes metal surface welding. Experiments have shown that: MoS2 exists between metals. When the pressure increases to 32000kg/cm2, the pressure has exceeded the yield point of a particular metal, but the two metal surfaces still do not seize and weld. MoS2 is on a 2.5-micron film. After testing, it can withstand contact stress above 28000kg/cm2 and friction speed of 40m/s. This high compressive resistance is determined by its physical structure.

The moly grease containing MoS2 has excellent lubrication performance for mechanical friction parts working in extreme-pressure environments and can provide long-term protection against wear and corrosion. It also protects parts under heavy load or impact load. If the grease is insufficient, some MoS2 will also stay on the metal surface to form a protective layer to protect the parts. Moly grease's strong anti-oxidation ability ensures its long service life. It is widely used in heavy vehicles, construction equipment, industrial equipment, mining and agricultural equipment, etc. It provides customers with a series of reductions in maintenance cycles and costs. 

MoS2 structure

MoS2 belongs to the hexagonal crystal system and is a diamagnetic compound with semiconductor properties. There are many Mo-S prisms and a large specific surface area. The MoS2 structure is shown in the figure below.

 mos2 structure.jpg

What is the maximum operating temperature of moly grease?

First of all, the quality of moly grease between different brands and different grades is different, so the maximum use temperature is also different. The temperature range of general-purpose moly grease is -20~120℃.

Disadvantage 1: moly grease cannot be mixed with other greases, which will cause performance degradation or failure.

Disadvantage 2: Not suitable for high-speed, light-load, and low-temperature conditions. The use temperature does not exceed 190 degrees

Disadvantage 3: MoS2 has a high content of active sulfur, which is easy to cause corrosion to copper. Besides, when the parts made of copper and its alloys need to be lubricated, it is not impossible to use MoS2 lubricating products, but also to add a copper corrosion inhibitor.

Disadvantage 4: MoS2 should not be mixed with engine oil, and physical and chemical reactions will occur, causing grease failure.

Use protection attention of moly grease

Eye contact: lift the eyelid and rinse with running water or saline. Seek medical attention.

Skin contact: Take off contaminated clothing and rinse with running water.

Ingestion: Drink enough warm water to induce vomiting. Seek medical attention

Storage and transportation matters of moly grease

Store in a cold, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat sources. It should be stored separately from oxidants, etc., and should not be mixed. Equipped with the appropriate variety and quantity of fire equipment. The storage area should be equipped with suitable materials to contain the leakage.

The packaging should be complete at the time of shipment, and the loading should be secure. During transportation, ensure that the container does not leak, collapse, fall, or be damaged. Mixed shipment and transportation with oxidants are strictly prohibited. Avoid exposure to sunlight, rain, and high temperature during transportation.

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