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Synergy Lubricant Solutions Limited

2022-12-24 16:20:03  Knowledge

Synergy Lubricant Solutions Limited (SLSOL) is a lubricant company based in Kenya. Although the name may suggest the tyre company, SLSOL provides a host of high quality lubricants spanning from agriculture to industrial to construction and automotive applications. The company is a part of the Sahara Group, an international conglomerate headquartered in Saudi Arabia. Its products and services have been praised by consumers and industry insiders alike. In fact, it has received the accolades as the best lubricant supplier in Africa.

The company has a small but dedicated team of professionals who provide top of the line lubricants and service to both consumers and businesses. They are currently targeting the establishment of a full-fledged oil blending plant in Salalah Free Zone. Their operations have earned several ISO certifications in the quality and safety categories. And, they are a few months away from opening the first ever lubes store in Lagos.

Aside from its renowned lubricants, SLSOL is also in the business of providing innovative solutions to help reduce lubrication and maintenance costs. One such solution is its proprietary Lubricant Management System. Among other things, this system allows customers to easily monitor and track their lubricants in real time. Other perks include online ordering and delivery. As of December 2016, the company employs around 3,000 people in Kenya and Nigeria. Currently, it produces more than 650 lubricants for both domestic and international markets. Several companies like Shell, Castrol, Chevron and Shell Oil Company have already signed a supply agreement with SLSOL.

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