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Teflon Cloth

2023-03-05 21:10:02  Knowledge

teflon cloth is a high temperature & corrosion resistant product with superior heat & chemical resistance. It is often used for coatings on a variety of products such as utensils, insulators, pipes & cables, medical implants, hoses & fittings, wiper blades etc.

Fabric Performance & Durability

Stain Protection – Consumer Demand for Clothing
In today’s world consumers demand a wide range of performance benefits in their clothes, most of which look & feel new after a number of uses. Teflon(r) fabric protector provides the durable easy care & stain protection that customers want.

Most oil & water based stains disappear when fabrics are treated with Teflon(r) Shield & Clean+ fabric protector. It removes ground in stains & prevents soil deposition during laundering.

Durable & Repellant

Fabrics that are protected with the durable & repellent properties of the new Teflon(r) fabric protector remain clean & bright despite repeated laundering & harsh commercial cleaning. They wash & wear well, look & feel great with fewer creases during wear, less ironing after washing & improved crease recovery.

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is a synthetic, colorless, odorless & fluorine free polymer. It is the chemical name for a white solid substance that Dupont, the owner of the Teflon brand spent many years developing.

It is non-stick & high temperature resistant up to 260 degree celsius.

It has high heat & chemical resistance & excellent electrical properties making it an ideal coating for a wide variety of applications including insulators, pipe and cable insulation, computer chip manufacture, and many other industrial processes. It can be coated on a variety of materials such as carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper & glass.

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