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Transmission Friction Modifier

2023-05-02 09:50:04  Knowledge

transmission friction modifier

The performance of a vehicle's automatic transmission system is highly dependent on the frictional additives found in the fluid, and this is particularly true for anti-shudder performance. These are the type of performance issues that drive fluid development for years.

Friction modifiers are chemical compounds that minimize light surface contact and help prevent wear. These are commonly used in engine oils and automatic transmission fluids.

A common friction modifier is Zinc dialkyldithiophosphate (ZDDP). This compound consists of a polar head and an oil-soluble tail that forms a thick, sacrificial boundary film on metal surfaces. These films are much softer than steel and iron surfaces, which can be beneficial in applications where extreme pressure is needed to reduce wear.

They also act differently depending on shear conditions, preventing equipment from wearing while smoothing speed transitions. This capability has been widely adopted in both automatic transmissions and clutches.

Synchromesh GL4 Manual Transmission Lubricant

In the 1970s, fuel economy became a priority and the oil embargo led to an increased use of friction modifiers in engines and transmissions. This was especially true in engines where low viscosity lubricants were developed.

Synchromesh GL4 Manual Transmission Fluid contains special friction modification additives that are specifically designed for transmissions using mechanical synchros. These synchronizers are made of carbon fiber composites, sintered metal, and other materials that require a specific chemistry to shift well and last long.

As with all fluids, you must consult your technician before changing the friction modifier in your transmission. They can provide advice on what to use in your car and will recommend the right amount of fluid based on your driving style and frequency of service.

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