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What are the additives for hydraulic oil?

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What are the additives for hydraulic oil? 

Hydraulic oil is a kind of material with strong polarity, which can adsorb with metal surface at lower temperature and pressure, form a firm adsorption film, prevent direct contact between metal and metal, improve oil film strength, and reduce metal friction and wear. 

In hydraulic oil, the commonly used oiliness agents are oleic acid, vulcanized whale oil, vulcanized cottonseed oil (T404), vulcanized olefin cottonseed oil, dimeric acid, etc. 

What are the "additives" in hydraulic oil? 

Antiwear agent in hydraulic oil: at high friction temperature, the decomposition product of the antiwear agent reacts with the metal surface to produce a compound film with low shear stress and low melting point, which prevents the plastic deformation caused by the bite or welding of the contact surface, fills the uneven part between the friction surfaces, increases the contact surface, reduces the pressure and reduces the wear. 

Antiwear agents usually contain sulfur, phosphorus and chlorine, and their compounds have their own characteristics. 

The antiwear agent containing sulfur reacts with iron to form iron sulphide film under the condition of high temperature friction, while the antiwear agent containing phosphorus interacts with iron and steel at not too high temperature and mild friction conditions. a phosphate mixture with low melting point and high plasticity is formed, which plays an antiwear role. 

The antiwear agent containing chlorine produces ferric chloride film under extreme pressure. The film has a layered structure, low friction coefficient, easy shear and good lubrication. 

In hydraulic fluid, the commonly used antiwear agents are: zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate, trimethylphenyl phosphate, thiophosphate, vulcanized olefin, chlorinated paraffin and so on. 

Tackifier in hydraulic oil: tackifier is a kind of additive to improve the viscosity and temperature of hydraulic oil and increase the viscosity index. 

This is a kind of high molecular polymer, which shrinks and curls into compact spheres in the oil at low temperature, which has little effect on the viscosity at low temperature. at high temperature, it swells and extends in the oil to increase the viscosity, which can improve the viscosity-temperature properties. 

In hydraulic fluid, the commonly used tackifiers are: Poly (n-butyl vinyl ether), polyisobutylene, ethylene-propylene copolymer, polymethacrylate and so on. 

Antifoaming agent in hydraulic oil: antifoaming agent is a kind of substance that can reduce the stability of foam adsorption film and shorten the existence time of foam. Adding antifoaming additive to hydraulic oil can reduce the surface tension and make bubbles spill out of the oil surface quickly, thus eliminating bubbles. 

In hydraulic fluid, the commonly used antifoaming agents are: dimethyl silicone oil, polyester non-silicone antifoaming agent, metal soap, fatty acid and so on. 

Pour point depressant in hydraulic oil: pour point depressant is a kind of additive which can inhibit the formation of reticular crystallization of paraffin wax in oil, decrease the freezing point and maintain the fluidity of oil products. 

By adsorbing or forming eutectic on the paraffin crystal surface, the agent can change the crystal shape and size of paraffin wax to reduce the freezing point of oil products. 

In hydraulic fluid, the commonly used pour point depressants are alkylnaphthalene, polymethacrylate, α olefin copolymer, ethylene vinyl acetate polymer and so on. 

Antioxidants in hydraulic oil: antioxidants are a kind of additives that are easy to be oxidized and can form complex films on the metal surface, isolating contact with oxygen and other corrosive substances, and preventing the catalysis of metal oxidation and the corrosion of oil to metal. 

Generally, the combination of several antioxidant additives has a better antioxidant effect, such as the combination of sulfides and aromatic hydrocarbons will produce a synergistic effect; the compound of free radical Terminator and peroxide decomposer also has obvious synergistic effect. 

The antirust agent in hydraulic oil is a kind of polar compound, which can form a firm water-increasing adsorption film on the metal surface to prevent metal from rusting. 

In hydraulic oil, the commonly used antirust agents are: dodecenyl succinic acid, barium dinonylnaphthalene sulfonate, dodecenyl succinate of heptadecenyl Imidazoline and so on.

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