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Where to Buy Molybdenum Disulfide Grease

2023-05-08 09:40:02  Knowledge

where to buy molybdenum disulfide grease

A high-performance lubricant that’s designed to meet severe lubrication requirements found in heavy equipment like haul trucks, cranes, scrapers, and shovels. It helps reduce friction in extreme-pressure environments, resulting in less heat and lower power consumption while also helping to reduce build-up and oxidation.

It’s used for its superior durability and can withstand massive loads, intense pressures, and even harsh chemicals that can cause corrosion. This makes it ideal for a wide range of industrial applications and is commonly used in off-road and mining equipment manufactured by Caterpillar, Terex, Komatsu Dresser, and others.

Molybdenum disulfide, or moly, is a bluish-gray solid with a layered crystal structure similar to that of graphite and other materials such as tungsten disulfide and boron nitride. It’s also inert to moisture, making it an effective lubricant in dry conditions. When used in conjunction with a binder and carrier, it can be applied in powder or plated layer form to surfaces as an anti-galling lubricant.

When used in greases and other lubricants, molybdenum disulfide acts as a solid lubricant that forms a barrier between metal-to-metal contacts under stress. These lubricants are often fortified with MoS2 as an additive and can provide exceptional lubrication under severe pressure and wear conditions. It’s also resistant to thermal degradation and can remain bonded to surfaces for long periods of time under harsh conditions. Moly Greases are available in a variety of formulations including thickened base oils, lithium complexes, and polymers.

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