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Why can graphite be lubricated?

2021-11-09 16:11:50  Knowledge

Why can graphite be lubricated?

Graphite is widely used in our lives at present. It is mentioned that graphite can be lubricated. Indeed, graphite can be lubricated, so why can it be lubricated? What is the reason? Let us first take a look at the characteristics of graphite: graphite has a flaky crystal structure and good lubricating properties. It also has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, wear resistance, pressure resistance, temperature resistance (temperature up to 450 ℃) and chemical stability, so graphite is widely used in the machinery industry to make various lubricants.

Excellent high temperature resistance and oxidation stability, extremely long high temperature service life; excellent extreme pressure anti-wear performance and adhesion, low friction coefficient, strong load-bearing capacity; excellent mechanical stability and chemical stability, resistance to water vapor, Resistant to weak acid and alkali corrosion; excellent resistance to water leaching and water erosion, can provide rust and corrosion protection in harsh environments.

Graphite grease is a kind of graphite grease refined from synthetic ester oils thickened by inorganic thickeners and added with ultra-fine graphite powder, anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion and other additives. This ultra-high temperature grease will slowly volatilize the base oil when the temperature is above 200℃, and graphite will adhere to the lubricating surface to form solid lubrication. It is specially used for the lubrication of high temperature friction parts and bearings under heavy load/impact load or humid/polluted environment. Maximum rust and corrosion protection. Applicable temperature range: -20+450°C, the highest intermittent temperature resistance can reach 500°C.

Suitable for lubrication, rust prevention and corrosion protection of low-speed, high-temperature and heavy-duty friction components, such as bearings, bushings, gears, chains, turntables, guide rails, fasteners, couplings and automobile leaf springs; DN value 40,000 The following roller bearings (such as support frames and bearings for drying furnaces, incinerators, and quenching furnaces), the lubrication of metal bogies in kiln tunnels, are suitable for the lubrication of equipment in contact with acid, alkali and humid environments.

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