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ZDDP and ZDTP Anti-Wear Films

2023-02-25 16:00:04  Knowledge

ZDDP has been the engine oil industry's go-to anti-wear additive for over 80 years. It is used in a wide range of engine oils as a sacrificial anti-wear agent to protect the rings and valve train (cams, tappets and valve stems) from wear.

zdtp is a phosphorous additive commonly used in combination with ZDDP to increase corrosion and oxidation protection. It provides a softer, metal zinc layer to provide low friction and prevent steel-to-steel contact, while also acting as a barrier against heat.

It is an excellent choice for flat tappet engines and older cars with high performance internals like flat-tappet cams and lifters, and also as an anti-wear additive after a cam swap. It is also beneficial for all vehicles that are not fitted with a catalyst system and will reduce wear and friction during break-in of new engine internals or after a cam swap.

In addition to anti-wear, it has been proven that ZDDP has a positive effect on friction performance in full-synthesis formulations. In a layered, tribological film, the ZDDP acts as an adsorbent, binds to the metal surface and forms a film that is both a low-friction and high-wear resistance material.

The tribological benefits of ZDDP-based antiwear films have been demonstrated through dynamic nanoindentation experiments and local friction tests. The tribofilms have a layered structure and are able to withstand high pressure. The resulting friction coefficient is very low. This film can be produced in a very short time and enables lubricants to perform well in many tribological applications.

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