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3m PTFE Tapes and Adhesives

2023-02-28 17:10:03  News

3m ptfe has become one of the most trusted brands in tapes and adhesives, used by millions of people across industries to get their job done. RS supply a wide range of high quality 3m tapes, suited to all your industrial and domestic needs.

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is an extremely strong, highly versatile plastic with superior resistance to heat and chemicals. It has become an indispensable material for a wide variety of applications, from automotive components to architectural membranes to non-stick frying pans.

Useful for sealing and masking a wide range of surfaces, including metals, plastics and wood. The tape provides a very slick surface for easy application and resists curling during unwind. It also offers excellent abrasion and wear resistance.

The thicker backing of this PTFE tape helps extend the service life when subjected to abrasion and wear, compared to thinner versions. It also provides excellent shear strength and surface adhesion.

Dyneon PTFE is the perfect solution for many difficult and demanding industrial and automotive applications. It has outstanding high-temperature performance, chemical resistance, and abrasion-resistance. It is commonly used for seals, bearings and tubing. It can also be used as a coating for woven fiberglass cloth.

Using stereolithography, fully fluorinated polymers can now be printed in three-dimensional form. This enables them to be made in a single step and eliminates the need for traditional moulding.

In a recent lawsuit filed against 3M over PFAS contamination in Minnesota, the state’s attorney general released a large amount of documents that show 3M knew about the harms of PFAS since at least 2000. Despite this knowledge, the company kept these studies and other information from the EPA, and it continues to allow PFAS to pollute groundwater and drinking water across the country.

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