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Application and Development of Molybdenum Compound as Friction Modifier

2020-08-10 15:10:48  News

Molybdenum compound friction modifier occupies a significant place in numerous lubricating materials is due to its excellent tribological performance, can significantly improve the antiwear and friction-reducing lubricant, reducing friction and wear on the surface of the friction pair, show excellent high temperature oxidation resistance, and also can improve the mechanical efficiency of the engine, significantly improve vehicle fuel economy. The most commonly used molybdenum-containing compounds are: molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), oil-soluble dialkyl dithiocarbamate oxysulfide molybdenum (MoDTC) and dialkyl dithiophosphate oxysulfide molybdenum (MoDTP).With the rapid development of related industries such as the automobile industry, ship industry, and petroleum industry, the consumption of molybdenum products is rising rapidly, and the variety is increasing.


Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), as grease lubricant used for over 70 years of history, is one of the most widely used stable oils.Natural MoS2 is a layered structure, and the S atom binding force between layers is weak, so it is easy to slide and shows a good anti-friction effect. On the other hand, the ionic bond between Mo and S atoms gives the MoS2 lubrication film a higher strength, which can prevent the lubrication film from penetrating the protruding part of the metal surface. However, S atom is exposed to the surface of the MoS2 crystal layer and has strong adhesion to the metal surface. The chemical properties of MoS2 are very stable, resistant to acid and radiation, and the decomposition temperature is 1000 under vacuum condition.MoS2 has outstanding substantial lubrication capability under heavy load with heating. In recent years, MoS2 has expanded from particular USES developed in the universe to the general industry. Annual consumption in the United States exceeds 2,000 tons and in Japan over 4,000 tons.

Application and Development of Molybdenum Compound as Friction Modifier

At present, organic molybdenum additive is widely used in industrially developed countries and emerging industrial nations. The annual consumption of organic molybdenum additive in the United States is about 2500 ~ 3000t, mainly used in internal combustion engine lubricating oil, turbine engine lubricating oil, and other fields. In all kinds of bearing oils for internal combustion engines produced in Japan, 0.5% ~ 1% organic molybdenum additive is usually added. The additive is supplied by Asahi chemical co., Japan's largest petroleum additive company. Besides, organic molybdenum additive is also used in antiwear oil, vacuum oil, bearing grease, guide oil, compressor oil, and gear oil. Besides the natural molybdenum produced in Japan, about 4% MoDTC and MoDTP are exported to Western Europe and Southeast Asian countries. Rhein Chemie Gruppe's MoDTP is widely used in Germany, the world's fourth-largest economy.

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