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Boron Nitride From ZYP Coatings

2023-02-08 14:52:59  News

Boron nitride is a high temperature semiconductor. It has a hexagonal crystal structure and is electrically insulating at room temperatures. In addition to being an electrical insulator, it offers excellent thermal conductivity and chemical inertness.

Boron nitride is an effective coating for all types of hot materials. BN can be used as a lubricant for metals and glass slumping. BN can also be used as a protective release coating for ceramic and metal molds. ZYP has a variety of products for boron nitride, such as boron nitride aerosol, spray, and brushable applications. The top grade BN aerosol spray from ZYP can fire up to 982degC.

Boron nitride mold release is a great product for glass slumping and casting. This release can be used for both ceramic and stainless steel molds. It can also be used to touch up your glass after four or five firings. You must use this boron nitride release on all future firings.

It is important to note that ZYP is not available through the mail or through USPS. Instead, it comes in canisters of 13 oz. Each canister can prime up to twenty medium sized molds. Once the primer is applied, it is important to let the mold cool for five minutes before touching it up with more ZYP. After this, the mold is ready to be used.

This spray is easy to apply and will produce a smooth and beautiful surface on your cast. It can be purchased from Pyrotek, the exclusive distributor for ZYP Coatings Inc.

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