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Boron Nitride Sputtering Target

2023-01-18 05:50:04  News

A Boron Nitride Sputtering Target (BNS) is a type of sputtering target that is used in electronics, semiconductors, and glass coating applications. Typically, a boron nitride sputtering target is packaged carefully and is tagged externally.

Boron nitride can be sputtered to form thin films by a variety of methods. In a dual target sputtering system, BN (Rf) targets are sputtered with a mixture of N2 and Ar gas to increase the content of BCN. This has been achieved by varying the flow ratio of the two gasses in the sputter gas.

Another technique involves using a B4C (DC) target and a sputter gas such as N2 and Ar. The combination of these gases has been found to increase the content of B and to increase the growth rate of the film.

In a study involving a boron carbon nitride (BCN) ternary system, a BCN film was synthesized by RF magnetron sputtering. The crystalline quality of the BCN film was improved, and the intensity of the PL spectra was increased. These results correlated to the B/N ratio, which was near unity.

An additional study found that the crystalline quality of the BCN film was related to the relative nitrogen-flow in the sputter gas. The relative nitrogen-flow ranged from 0% to 100%. It was also shown that the maximum c-BN content of the film occurred in a range of 1% to 10%.

Various other studies have been performed to analyze the chemical, microstructural, and mechanical properties of the BCN film. Raman spectroscopy was used to investigate the chemical bonding and microstructural behavior of the film.

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