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Bronze Filled PTFE

2023-03-03 12:10:04  News

bronze filled ptfe is an excellent material for bearings and piston rings. Its hardness, electrical conductivity and wear resistance make it ideal for use in these applications. It is also resistant to heat and cold.

Bronze-filled PTFE is used in many different industries. It is available in a wide range of materials and grades to suit all requirements.

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is a high-performance, non-stick, thermoplastic polymer with good thermal and electrical conductivity, corrosion-resistance, low friction, and chemical inertness. It is often used as a seal material because it can resist large temperature changes without becoming brittle or losing its strength.

Additions to PTFE like bronze, carbon or glass can increase its properties in numerous ways. These materials enhance creep tolerance, thermal conductivity and wear resistance while maintaining its low friction characteristics.

For example, the addition of glass to PTFE increases durability and compressive strength by decreasing its flexibility and reducing the likelihood of creeping under heavy loads. Fluorotec offers a variety of glass-filled PTFE grades ranging from 5% to 60% glass content.

Another filler material is molybdenum disulfide or MoS2 which provides increased strength and dimensional stability while improving its wear and compression resistance. It is typically mixed with glass or bronze to achieve the best results.

Stainless Steel Filled PTFE

Adding powdered stainless steel to PTFE improves its strength and hardness, making it suitable for applications using steam and hot liquids. It is also effective in bearing and piston ring applications where it can bear heavy loads.

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