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Differential Oil Additive

2023-03-14 07:00:03  News

Gear oil is a crucial component of your vehicle’s driveline that keeps all the components such as the ring and pinion gear set, spider and side gears, limited slip differentials, axles, bearings, and other critical parts running smoothly. It also provides protection against wear and corrosion.

Keeping your gear oil in good condition helps to protect the internals of your vehicle and extend its life. A good gear oil can be purchased from your local auto parts store or online and will keep your vehicle’s transmission, drive shaft, and axles lubricated and functioning at peak performance.

differential oil additive

The unique environment of the gearbox allows fluid to survive a variety of metal-on-metal friction that can result in a process called “sheering.” This sheering process results in the oil molecules literally getting sheered in half, which prevents them from providing proper lubrication and protecting all the critical parts inside your car’s differential.

When this happens, it can result in a lot of wear and tear on the critical parts inside the gearbox. This can make it difficult to re-lubricate them and get them back in working order.

Chattering is an annoying problem that can occur in a differential when the clutches repeatedly alternate between slipping and sticking instead of smoothly slipping. It can cause noise and vibration and may even lead to premature wear on the clutches.

CRC Trans-X(r) Posi-Trac(r) Limited Slip Gear Oil Additive is formulated to quiet chattering differentials and improve gear oil performance. It’s compatible with conventional GL-5 and synthetic gear oil. Just squeeze one tube of this additive directly into the differential.

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