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Dry Graphite Lubricant

2022-12-11 16:20:04  News

Graphite is an inert, non-metallic material, characterized by hexagonal atoms. Graphite can be used as a dry lubricant, which is ideal for many different applications. It has a high temperature resistance, electrical conductivity, and resistance to rust.

The chemical bonds in graphite allow for easy sliding. The structure also promotes good lubrication. This helps reduce metal-to-metal friction. This means that it's especially suitable for lubricating moving parts at extreme temperatures.

It's also a good lubricant for plastic and rubber. Because of its conductive properties, it can help in curing ovens. It also has a great ability to repel water. This makes it a good lubricant for hinges and lock cylinders. It can also be used in automotive gaskets and sliding doors.

It's best for applications where petroleum products cannot be used. It's not recommended for use in deep space environments. It's not as effective in vacuums. Nonetheless, it's a great alternative lubricant for those who are avoiding petroleum products.

It's also a good anti-seize compound. Because of its high pressure resistance, it helps prevent greasy grime from building up. This lubricant can protect engine parts from corrosion. It's also a good choice for threaded rods and locks.

It's also a good choice for automatic vending machines. It's ideal for wood, metal, and plastic. Its non-greasy nature makes it a perfect lubricant for key cylinders.

It's also a good option for squeaky hinges. It's easy to apply and leaves no sticky film. It's also effective on locks, gears, and conveyor belts.

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