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Extruded PTFE Tubes

2023-04-10 12:15:03  News

extruded ptfe tubes serve chemical processing, electronics, electrical, medical and other industries. Custom fabricated rods, tubes, profiles and flanges meet ANSI, ASTM, AWS, Mil-Spec and military specifications. Typical features include tensile strength of 1500 psi, elongation at break of 200 percent and dielectric strengths up to 500 V per mil. CNC machining, boring, milling, turning, annealing and molding also offered.

Thermoplastic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) extrusions available in standard and AWG sizes. PTFE materials are corrosion resistant, heat resistant, high temperature and acid resistant. Specialty features include rounded, curved and flexible. Applications include heat exchangers, electrical components, gaskets and tubing. ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer offers low to high volume production runs and blanket orders.

PTFE tube extrusions provided are available in AWG sizes and a range of OD, ID, wall thicknesses. Various coating options are available, including epoxy, nitrate, phosphate and metallics. Stainless steel, aluminum and brass extrusions are also available.

Method of forming a PTFE tube:

An extrusion apparatus 10 is used to form an elongate tube 12 by using a conventional extruder 11. The extrusion apparatus is configured to simultaneously counter-rotate an elongate mandrel 26 and die element 22 within the die cavity in order to impart fibrous state formation to an elongate annular passage defined between mandrel 26 and the extrusion die 11 while maintaining a non-elevated temperature of the die cavity.

Fibrils formed in the extruded tube tend to be aligned along the direction of extrusion (FIG. 3). This alignment results in a tube having low radial tear strength. To counter this problem, a structure is formed of the tube having non-aligned fibrils which enhances radial tear strength.

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