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Flexible PTFE Flexible Tubing

2023-01-17 02:50:03  News

PTFE Flexible Tubing is ideal for transporting liquids, chemicals, and vapors. It is non-toxic, chemically inert, and has a high resistance to abrasion. You can also use it for electrical wire insulators, vacuum applications, and medical devices. This tubing is not only great for its low friction coefficient, but for its high dielectric strength, which is useful in high-frequency applications.

It has an exceptional temperature range and is inert to a wide variety of chemicals and solvents. PTFE tubing can withstand temperatures as low as -320 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, it is able to resist highly corrosive gases. PTFE is one of the most versatile materials.

Chemical resistant PTFE tubing is ideal for industrial, food service, automotive, and medical applications. It is inert to almost all types of chemicals, and is non-flammable. PTFE tubing is commonly used in laboratories and chemical processing facilities.

PTFE has a low coefficient of friction. In addition, it has a smooth surface finish. This makes it easy to clean and remove contaminating residue from the surface. The material is extremely durable and is capable of retaining its toughness at cryogenic temperatures. PTFE is the only known fluoropolymer with this property. PTFE is also the most flexible of all fluoropolymers.

When choosing PTFE, make sure you are getting the correct type for your application. For example, if you need a hose that has the highest working temperature, look for Versilon(tm). PTFE is also used for chemical transfer and monitoring.

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