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Graphene Lubricants Give Cars Dual-film Protection

2021-01-20 15:29:12  News

People who love cars know that the safe operation of the car and the long service life of each component, in addition to the hard enough supporting equipment, the later use habits and car maintenance are also very important. As people change and improve the concept of car maintenance, lubricants are becoming more and more important in car maintenance. Using car lubricants well, or saving more than 10% of the fuel, can extend the life of the machine by 2-3 times, and drive Safer on the road.

How to choose lubricants?

Choosing a good lubricant is like choosing a skin care product that suits you. It is necessary to match and select in strict accordance with the requirements for different vehicle engine types and different vehicle conditions. However, there are many fakes in the market, blind obedience of the public, and low cost performance.

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R&D by using graphene and introducing advanced technology

Graphene, known as "black gold", "king of new materials", graphene's unique penetration technology, few-layer graphene sheet friction and excellent thermal conductivity, can effectively solve the problem of automobile engine burning oil, blue smoke, etc. Problem, repair engine wear and tear, steadily increase engine power, reduce engine vibration and noise, save fuel, and reduce vehicle exhaust and other harmful gas emissions.

Graphene can keep the lubricant in good working condition for a longer period of time. In the high temperature and high pressure environment, the penetration phenomenon occurs, and the engine is coated with a layer of graphene film, thereby forming a double film protection of the graphene film and the oil film. Better protect the engine, improve power, reduce fuel consumption by 5%-10%, significantly reduce exhaust emissions and extend engine life.

At the same time, graphene lubricating oil has super anti-wear and self-repairing properties, which effectively solves the wear and tear of parts caused by cold start, and can more effectively solve vehicle failures caused by engine wear.

The development of the automobile industry has a big market prospect

Take the total number of automobiles in China as an example. As of 2020, the total number of automobiles in China has exceeded 320 million, and it will increase at a rate of 10% every year. In the next few decades, it will bring huge lubricants to the automotive lubricant market. Consumption potential, according to the development trend of China's lubricant market, experts predict that China's annual demand for gasoline and engine oil will grow at a rate of 10%. Lubricating oil is a rigid demand, and the market prospect is definitely broad. We can calculate it like this. If a city has a population of 800,000 and a total of 150,000 cars, the average annual maintenance is 2 times, and the maintenance cost is about 50 US dollars. The company’s sales can reach at least US$20 million.

The graphene lubricating oil, which uses advanced technology with new materials, is not only a successful attempt of new graphene materials in the field of lubricating oils, but also a high-profile energy-saving and environmentally friendly product with its outstanding performance.

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