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Graphite Lubricant For Door Locks

2022-12-07 00:00:01  News

Graphite is an excellent lubricant for locks. It helps to prevent rust, corrosion, and build-ups. It also has great dry-lubricant properties. However, graphite can be messy. It is not recommended for use in salty coastal areas, because it can leave a residue that can clog the lock. It should be applied in chunks.

You can buy graphite in the form of pencils or powder. Pencils can be less expensive than powdered graphite. However, the powdered version can be messy and can leave a stain on the surface nearby.

If you're looking for a more durable, long-lasting lubricant for your door locks, you might want to look into dry graphite. It's a better choice than a liquid lubricant. It's not oil-based, which means it won't attract dirt and won't collect debris over time.

Some people prefer WD-40, an oil-based lubricant. The problem with WD-40 is that it gums up over time. It also has a noticeable odor. You'll have to apply it a few times before you get the desired results.

The best way to avoid problems with lubricants is to apply them carefully. They need to be squeezed into the lock correctly. A mistake can cause the lock to work improperly or even damage the lock.

Graphite is available at hardware stores, tool shops, and home improvement stores. You can also buy aerosol cans of graphite lubricant. These lubricants are affordable and can be used in temperatures up to 850F.

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