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Hbn Boron Nitride

2023-03-12 04:00:15  News

hbn boron nitride is an excellent material for use in high-tech ceramics. Hexagonal boron nitride has the lowest density, is chemically inert, and shows high thermal stability and lubrication properties as compared to graphite.

In addition to a low density, hexagonal boron nitride is also characterized by high electric resistance and electric breakdown strength as well as good lubricity and thermal conductivity. These unique properties make it an ideal candidate for a variety of refractory applications in the metallurgy and aerospace industry.

Hexagonal boron boron nitride (hbn) is one of the three crystalline forms of BN; it crystallises in hexagonal form at room temperature and normal pressure, transforms into wurtzite structure at elevated temperatures and pressures, and reverts to hexagonal BN at ambient conditions. Besides its excellent mechanical, electrical, and thermal characteristics, hbn exhibits chemical inertness to most acids, oxidizing slags, molten metals, and non-oxidizing salts.

A wide range of hbn-based materials has been reported as ceramics and powders with different properties, such as a low density, high mechanical, chemical, and thermal stability. Moreover, it is very ductile and can be used as an insulating layer for ceramics with good bending properties.

Several studies have been conducted to investigate the bending properties of hbn-based materials. Hot-pressing of a sample was performed on both parallel and perpendicular surfaces, and the average flexure strength was determined using the Vickers hardness tester.

The results showed that the flexure strength of the samples was significantly affected by the grain orientation of the hexagonal boron nitride grains. The basal planes of the boron nitride grains had higher flexure strength than the perpendicular planes, indicating that a high degree of orientation of the boron nitride particles leads to an anisotropy in mechanical properties of the hbn-based ceramics.

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