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Importance of Molybdenum Disulfide MoS2 and Organic Molybdenum in Lubricant Additive Industry

2020-08-14 17:02:14  News

Lubricating oil base oil possesses the basic characteristics of lubricating oil and certain use properties, but only relying on improving the processing technology of lubricating oil cannot produce lubricating oil with various properties that meet the requirements of use. In order to make up for the defects in the properties of lubricating oil and to give the lubricating oil some new excellent properties, various additives with different functions must be added to the lubricating oil, and the addition amount ranges from a few percent to tens of percent.

Molybdenum disulfide is one of the few natural high-quality solid lubricants with a friction coefficient of only 0.05, which is smaller than some other lubricants. Aerospace solid lubricants use specially processed nano-IF-MOS2 (inorganic fullerene structure molybdenum disulfide nanoparticles), which is a non-polar spherical structure composed of 60 molybdenum disulfide molecules, similar to carbon 60 in space The particle size is 40 nanometers, and its extreme pressure and anti-wear ability is twice that of ordinary MoS2!

MoS2 has natural weak alkalinity and excellent antioxidant capacity, which can extend the mileage of engine oil. The regular flow of engine oil can maintain the continuous effect of the MoS2 suspension and reduce the precipitation of molybdenum. The biggest problem with MoS2 suspension is that the particles are non-lipophilic substances, and the particles will precipitate if they are not used for a long time.

The problem of sedimentation of particle suspensions is one of the problems that have not been completely solved in the world today. There are many technologies that claim to solve suspension sedimentation, but there are no relevant patent documents to check.

In order to overcome the suspension problem of MoS2, the second generation of molybdenum lubricant additives-organic molybdenum appeared.

Organic molybdenum is a liquid soluble in engine oil. When the engine is running at high temperature and extreme pressure, it will decompose MoS2 and form a MoS2 film on the cylinder wall to achieve the anti-wear and anti-friction lubrication effect and solve the problem of MoS2 suspension.

But organic molybdenum is easy to oxidize and decompose to produce acidic substances, which will cause the engine oil to deteriorate early, and its chemical properties are not stable. Among them, the useful content of MoS2 is relatively low, and the effect lasts for a short time, so it needs to be supplemented frequently.

Another problem is that ester-based fully synthetic engine oils are very oily and can quickly precipitate various nano-scale suspended particles, including MoS2 suspended particles, and quickly destroy and remove the MoS2 film structure on the friction interface. In the test, it was found that the mixed ester fully synthetic motor oil will quickly sink various suspended particles to the bottom. Therefore, the long-term performance of ester fully synthetic motor oil includes the ability to quickly precipitate particles.

There will be a phenomenon where ester fully synthetic engine oil and solid lubricant compete for the friction interface. It is a fully synthetic ester motor oil, no matter what molybdenum product is used, this is also the functional conflict of the representative products of the two lubrication theories.

Therefore, the choice of MoS2 products should be based on the engine oil used in the car, as well as the focus, not just adding a certain lubricating additive.

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